NEW VIDEO RELEASE Stingy With My Kutty Kat Video from Joseline and Stevie J

joseline and stevie


Nice moves! Oh, I wasn’t hardly talking about miss Joseline, I was talking about that slick-slime slithering snake Stevie (All those “S” fit perfectly – oops, there’s one more I won’t mention).

Stevie J. you deserve and encore’. I guess you had to clean up that image as best as you could. No worries, The Sparkle Page won’t tell a soul! In fact, with all that body-ody twerking around in the video, I be your bejeezus no one even cares.

We’re not the experts on music over here, so we’ll just remain nicely strapped in our own lane when it comes to the professional dish on the vid. I will say this, Mrs. Hernandez-J speech pathologist has really paid off.

Really now, Sparklers? Here’s a question for you guys and dolls:

If Joseline would have stayed in school, what would her profession be today?

….We’ll wait!


stevie j and joseline music video