Starfish & Coffee: The Legend Affectionately Known as Prince

The Legend Affectionately Known As Prince

It has come as a great shock to many around the world, his untimely death on Thursday. An influx of thousands upon thousands of heartfelt tributes showered in for the ARTIST and have extended — appropriately — on his musical genius.

The words escape our minds when it comes to the extent of sorrow felt around the world for the loss of the Icon. But, this pop star also had a great sense of humor and could literally harmonize the entire Yellow Pages.

The Sparkle Page tributes one of the best demonstrations of which came in 1997 when he appeared on The Muppets as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”

After dawning a county accent and running from an alligator dressed as a dog, he shows off his “Musicology” in a skit where he proves that he can get ideas for a song from “anywhere” — hence, the jingle about breakfast food called “Starfish and Coffee.”

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