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4 Rules to Email Organization and Getting your Email Inbox to Zero by Chalene Johnson

4 Rules to Email Organization and Getting your Email Inbox to Zero

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Today I want to share my tips with you on email organization and taking back control of your email inbox.  Email organization is so important in maintaining your sanity! So my goal is to help you organize your Gmail and keep your Gmail account clean through the proper approach to email management.

4 Rules to Email Management:

  1. You should only be going to ONE place for your emails. This means you should no longer be logging into the 5+ different email accounts.  Your goal is to just log into ONE place to receive all your emails. The best place to do this is Gmail.  So your first step is to create a Gmail account.
  2. Forward ALL of your current email addresses to this new Gmail account. Log into your current email addresses and forward them to your new Gmail account.
  3. Create an unpublicized Gmail account. So this is a separate Gmail account that you will only give to very close friends and family, and for anything that you would like to keep private.  Because ultimately the goal is to hire someone who can virtually help you manage your publicized account, and having private personal emails in that inbox is probably not your preference.  So create an unpublicized email that you want to use for personal matters.
  4. Create canned responses to the questions you get asked most frequently. Canned responses are amazing because it’s you responding in your voice, but from your virtual staff.

Let me help you! I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you.  I’ll take you through, step by 6step, in the most basic tutorial, to show you exactly how to set up your online life so that your accounts are secure and you are protected.  Lessons are short, anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes… totally doable and designed in a way to not overwhelm you!  That is why I created SMART Virtual Systems, because I know this kind of stuff is overwhelming.  But trust me, I can teach you how to protect yourself online and in addition you’ll learn how to organize all of your digital assets.  Just click below for more info!Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.25.03 AM