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With a corporate background of over 10 years of management in the hospitality sales force and working as a successful business development manager for major brands, I would say I’ve been exposed to several varying techniques for Media Marketing and Virtual Communications. Over the years in hospitality management, I’ve been an accomplished sales-driven machine and have a proven track record of millions on top of millions of generated revenue for “big businesses” (that’s what I like to call them). Since such successes and other bumpy trails, I have decided to take this show on the road. A road to freedom! As a naturally gifted affection-ado to people and outreach marketing,  the fact that I gravitated to social media marketing came as no surprise -it was second nature.  No, seriously! Consistently increasing the following of interested audiences and developing repeat loyalty from clients and friends is what I do BEST.

If you’ve followed my blogs for sometime, then you will notice that the style of  The Sparkle Page (Blog) is geared more towards the path of one’s own discoveries rather than that of a beaten path of professionalism.  That’s just it. A quirky sense of delivery does the trick every time.  It is like my secret Bridge to Teribithia. A road less traveled but ultimately leads to a promise land. (-“is that the land of Milk-n-Honey?”) S-h-r-u-g-s.

Consequentially, it is with a collective and strategic effort that I introduce to you the TSP Online Group. We are a young company driven by creativity. The company consists team of information and research junkies who spend their days knowing everything there is to know about the Internet. We are here to manage online communications and establish a virtual presence using web-based platforms and increase the overall success of any business.

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