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In Love With the Cocoa

Posted by D. Mylan Roland

In Love With the Cocoa

Who doesn’t love the cocoa when it comes to this delicious product item? If you thought you knew what it’s all about, we have even more healthy updates to share about this delicious spread.
Here are some Facts and Information about Nutella that you didn’t know.

1 – World’s Nutella Day

In 2007, two Italian bloggers decided to show his love for hazelnut cream in a different way. For this, they established the February 5 as World Nutella Day (Nutella Day). On that date, the goal is to eat Nutella, share recipes with the product, view photos dishes done with it and celebrate everything else that is related to sweet.

O dia 5 de fevereiro é o dia da nutella
February 5th is the day dedicated to nutella
2 – Nutella is the true coffee of Champions

According to the Guinness record, the company held a breakfast held in 2005 in Germany, to mark the 40th anniversary of Nutella. The event broke the record of Biggest Breakfast – in all, 27,854 people gathered to share the meal which included bread, orange juice and Nutella, of course.

3 – Nutella is a sales success

A Nutella jar is sold every 2.5 seconds around the world. And a body responsible for counting the US population, records that a baby is born every 8 seconds. Just do the math.

4 – Nutella around the world

This title is not only because the hazelnut cream is a bestseller and can be found in 75 countries. The fact is that the amount of Nutella sold in a year is enough to cover more than a thousand football stadiums.

5 – Everyone loves Nutella

In 2009, the Nutella fanpage on Facebook gathered more than 2 million fans, which guaranteed him the 3rd place of the most tanned pages on the social network. The fanpage lose only to Coca-Cola and the Barack Obama. The profile is no longer on top of Facebook, but currently has more than 17 million fans.

6 – Napoleon and Hitler were responsible for vitiating the world Nutella

In 1806, Napoleon tried to stop the British trade as a way to win the war. The result was that the continental blockade caused the price of chocolate to increased absurdly. Thus, the Italian confectioners of the Turin area began adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate so that it yielded as much as possible. This mixture was named “gianduja”.

A century later, the chocolate was again a very expensive and scarce commodity in Europe due to the Second World War. Then, an Italian confectioner called Pietro Ferrero appealed again for hazelnuts for in 1946, creating the “Gianduja cream” that would be renamed “Nutella” in 1964.

7 – The origin of the name Nutella

The gianduja – which was the cream that led to Nutella – has its name from a character in the Commedia Dell’Arte, a typical Italian theater movement. According to tradition, Gianduja was a Piedmontese character always smiling, who walked around town carrying a “Duja” which in Piedmontese dialect means “pot”. The main function of Duja was storing wine, but there are those who believe that the pot has also been used to store the hazelnut cream. The Gianduja character illustration even appeared in the first ads of Nutella.

8 – Nutella and the curious tasting

Before long, the product became so popular in Italy that traders started offering tastings of Nutella to any child who appeared with a piece of bread. The action became known as the “tasting” and was a successful marketing strategy. Needless to say everyone was addicted to delicious hazelnut cream.


NEW VIDEO RELEASE Stingy With My Kutty Kat Video from Joseline and Stevie J

joseline and stevie


Nice moves! Oh, I wasn’t hardly talking about miss Joseline, I was talking about that slick-slime slithering snake Stevie (All those “S” fit perfectly – oops, there’s one more I won’t mention).

Stevie J. you deserve and encore’. I guess you had to clean up that image as best as you could. No worries, The Sparkle Page won’t tell a soul! In fact, with all that body-ody twerking around in the video, I be your bejeezus no one even cares.

We’re not the experts on music over here, so we’ll just remain nicely strapped in our own lane when it comes to the professional dish on the vid. I will say this, Mrs. Hernandez-J speech pathologist has really paid off.

Really now, Sparklers? Here’s a question for you guys and dolls:

If Joseline would have stayed in school, what would her profession be today?

….We’ll wait!

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5 Indications That She’s A Keeper


Many guys often celebrate the idea of being sought after by several ladies at a time. They shun love and dating in order to keep up with appearances and hold on to their distance from a good woman that’s staring them right in the face.

You gentleman may think that it’s great having more than one, but this is a clear sign of holding onto your youth. Do we want to dig further? Maybe on the next topic we will discuss why some men still act like boys and how it’s affecting our males, the fathers of our identity, our protectors, our leaders of the free world.

Okay, I digress…Now, where were we? Ah yes, here are ways that real men can consider whether or not she’s a keeper in the following:

1 – This is obvious, but it holds true that a good woman ♥ is EXCLUSIVE. She will rarely entertain outsiders if she is truly into you.

2 – Good women ♥ SHARE IN YOUR DREAMS. She’s a keeper when she invests time into your dreams all the while, continuing to build her own. Now, of course this doesn’t apply to bums with low ambition.

3 – Good women ♥ season with salt. ENCOURAGES AND EMPOWERS YOU. She always tells you the truth and won’t feed your ego, sometimes to a fault with more lies. It may not be something you want to hear but it may be something you need to hear. She’s trustworthy.

4 – Good women ♥ are INTO YOU AND NOT WHAT YOU HAVE OR CAN DO FOR THEM. She is vested in you for the long term in solidarity and truth; her affections are not based on wavering admiration that is here today and gone away tomorrow.

5 – Good women ♥ will take the time to LEARN YOU. Know what your likes and dislikes are. They are willing to please you. It is a sure thing that she’s a keeper when she reserves her body for you and nothing compares to sex combined with feelings and emotions with someone.

Everything That Glitters

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09: Natalie Joos(shoes detail) is seen outside the Diesel show on September 9, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

We bet you’re probably wondering why anyone would name a BLOG The Sparkle Page … With a name like that, we’d be limiting all sorts of people, huh? No. Think again! Anyone who has not followed our page for a significant amount of time would more than likely assume it’s because of an affinity to cute shiny objects, or because everything that glitters IS GOLD in our world; or perhaps, our beauty and worth aren’t found at the MAC counter, or the hair salon or in the latest pair of Christian Louboutins. Hush hush, yes; we said it and YES, we know. This is a Vanity Blog!

Guys and Dolls, we are artists. Creative strategist and very sensitive about the craft. [Sound familiar?] Maybe, (insert emphasis) …our shine comes from somewhere deeper inside, pure, authentic and real. It doesn’t need any gloss or polish or bling to make it SPARKLE!

Moving right along, we decided to go ahead and give blogging another try. After all, what has anyone really go to lose? Who knows, this could just be the answer that we need. – Hey, wipe that smirk off of your face! Often times, you may think to yourself what do I really have to write about or say… It’s even possible that you question whether or not any one would even care to hear what it is you would have to say…or read, for that matter! Taking a page out of the “D-e-f-e-n-s-i-v-e Playbook”, we are well aware that we really don’t know anything; but, people want to pay to know whatever it is we know. Life is good.

Do you all hear that? (Incoming) Sounds like a huge storm cloud of D-o-u-b-t. We’re just going to step aside before getting hit. Whatever the case may be, we’d never have known if we didn’t just start somewhere. Thus, The Sparkle Page is formed. Someone should probably put it out there, there’s no particular strategy. Our page consists of what is called Lifestyle slash Vanity Blogging (Not in the vanilla kind of way…Okay, never mind) By definition, lifestyle is the way in which one chooses to live their life. Vanity is pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain. Therefore, in public opinion, we’re just going to ”Forest Gump” the entire thing – keep going until we run out of words to say.

Further explanation needed you say?
How about you just stay tuned with highlights and updates of The Sparkle Page? We are looking forward to your feedback and continued support as we press forward to greatness.

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Technically Single


Seriously? Okay, what would’ve been great just now is if the dot on the “eye” (i) of the title-words “technically single” above us had a cute little heart over it. But, that’s just how differently the mind can work when it comes to details, besides the creative graphics would not allow such sophistication on such a basic header. So, we’re moving on…

Ultimately, talking about how one is technically single, simply implies that life doesn’t end after divorce…right? The technicality is this; once someone has been married and then divorced, they technically possess more experience than the average single female out here trying to entice a man with her womanly-wilds on “FLEEK”-mode.  Nevermind, just forget it; it seems like instead of understanding, at the very best, you’re all just going to Laugh at My Pain (in my best Kevin Hart voice). Here’s the thing, looking this great and being at the 40 threshold is both a blessing and a curse.  Granted, youthful by design; (Suddenly, you hear the voice of mother teasing in the background saying…”Yes, I know, you’re FOREVER 21”) companionship doesn’t get any easier to find the older you become and especially when you’ve given your heart away once before. Mother never was a liar!

Listen up! You’d have to admit, any woman having been a daughter, mother, wife, student, sister, best friend, girlfriend, an ex… has had a wealth of lessons, a lifetime of hurt and happiness that the ordinary “single woman” simply has not yet sampled. You may as well say it’s almost like being overqualified to be “single”. So, exactly what does happen when one is overqualified for the single life? Can you say, D-E-N-I-E-D? Try being approached by eligible singles looking for an overnight scenario, quick romp, or to possibly string you along and pose as a lifetime partner, when in actuality they are just not interested in the long haul commitment. Nor mature enough to be dedicated to the intricate process of truly getting to know someone. Oh please, surely the male readers are sitting back boasting about now. Can’t you just imagine the little giggles going on inside of their brains saying “Maybe, QUITAR (1)that’s because you’ve never dated ME” ?Newsflash, we’re especially referring to you!

Now, we’re not getting off on any rants or gender- bashing or anything. However, there is still firm belief  there are some Great, GREAT men out there.

10 Tips To Enjoy Authentic Online Dating

Online Dating10 TIPS

1. DRESS THE PART: More often than not, people love a good fashion statement. Fashion is all-telling to a person’s personality. A lively dressing sense is appreciated to see on a date. Show color and appeal.

2. HUMOR IS THE KEY TO THE HEART: Online dating should be fun-living and humorous. This is surely a great accessory that you can wear in order to impress your date.

3. STAY IN THE POSITIVE ZONE: Because you are uncertain of their energy and vibe, play things safe and stay in the light and optimistic tone. Adorn your date and you will have all their attention.

4. BE CONFIDENT: I can’t tell you enough how this is the sweet-spot. You will seal the deal but don’t overdo it

5. LEAVE THE MOOD SWINGS AT THE DOOR: If you’re really into this person that you’re going on a date with any bad moods or ill temperament can’t follow. One mood swing and they might never see you again. Real talk!

6. BE ADVENTUROUS: Adventure is something you shouldn’t miss tonight. When you start talking, talk about the things that you like to do in your down-time. For example, maybe you coach little league or travel to another country. Talk about these adventures. Stay away from the mention of past adventures with former dates. Immediate cause for turn-off.

7. KEEP IT SASSY: Limit the seduction. When sweet gets sweeter or temperatures get heated just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Too much too fast doesn’t yield plentiful and lasting results. Now on the other hand, Oh never mind… Just keep it Sassy!

8. DON’T BE DIPLOMATIC: The straight forward approach is ALWAYS ALWAYS the best when online dating. Don’t keep things twisted.

9. EYE-CONTACT: This goes hand and hand with being confident. Don’t lose the gaze in their eyes.

10. BE YOURSELF: Honesty is the best policy. It is the Universal Code for Authentic Online Dating. Don’t show up with a representative of you.