In Love With the Cocoa

Posted by D. Mylan Roland

In Love With the Cocoa

Who doesn’t love the cocoa when it comes to this delicious product item? If you thought you knew what it’s all about, we have even more healthy updates to share about this delicious spread.
Here are some Facts and Information about Nutella that you didn’t know.

1 – World’s Nutella Day

In 2007, two Italian bloggers decided to show his love for hazelnut cream in a different way. For this, they established the February 5 as World Nutella Day (Nutella Day). On that date, the goal is to eat Nutella, share recipes with the product, view photos dishes done with it and celebrate everything else that is related to sweet.

O dia 5 de fevereiro é o dia da nutella
February 5th is the day dedicated to nutella
2 – Nutella is the true coffee of Champions

According to the Guinness record, the company held a breakfast held in 2005 in Germany, to mark the 40th anniversary of Nutella. The event broke the record of Biggest Breakfast – in all, 27,854 people gathered to share the meal which included bread, orange juice and Nutella, of course.

3 – Nutella is a sales success

A Nutella jar is sold every 2.5 seconds around the world. And a body responsible for counting the US population, records that a baby is born every 8 seconds. Just do the math.

4 – Nutella around the world

This title is not only because the hazelnut cream is a bestseller and can be found in 75 countries. The fact is that the amount of Nutella sold in a year is enough to cover more than a thousand football stadiums.

5 – Everyone loves Nutella

In 2009, the Nutella fanpage on Facebook gathered more than 2 million fans, which guaranteed him the 3rd place of the most tanned pages on the social network. The fanpage lose only to Coca-Cola and the Barack Obama. The profile is no longer on top of Facebook, but currently has more than 17 million fans.

6 – Napoleon and Hitler were responsible for vitiating the world Nutella

In 1806, Napoleon tried to stop the British trade as a way to win the war. The result was that the continental blockade caused the price of chocolate to increased absurdly. Thus, the Italian confectioners of the Turin area began adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate so that it yielded as much as possible. This mixture was named “gianduja”.

A century later, the chocolate was again a very expensive and scarce commodity in Europe due to the Second World War. Then, an Italian confectioner called Pietro Ferrero appealed again for hazelnuts for in 1946, creating the “Gianduja cream” that would be renamed “Nutella” in 1964.

7 – The origin of the name Nutella

The gianduja – which was the cream that led to Nutella – has its name from a character in the Commedia Dell’Arte, a typical Italian theater movement. According to tradition, Gianduja was a Piedmontese character always smiling, who walked around town carrying a “Duja” which in Piedmontese dialect means “pot”. The main function of Duja was storing wine, but there are those who believe that the pot has also been used to store the hazelnut cream. The Gianduja character illustration even appeared in the first ads of Nutella.

8 – Nutella and the curious tasting

Before long, the product became so popular in Italy that traders started offering tastings of Nutella to any child who appeared with a piece of bread. The action became known as the “tasting” and was a successful marketing strategy. Needless to say everyone was addicted to delicious hazelnut cream.


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7 Reported Deaths in Train Tragedy

Emergency personnel gather near the scene of a deadly train derailment, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in Philadelphia. The Amtrak train, headed to New York City, derailed and crashed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, killing at least six people and injuring dozens of others. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Police have confirmed a seventh death in the investigation of an overturned Amtrak train in Philadelphia.

Emergency response crews were sifting through the mangled wreckage of the train Wednesday morning, as officials attempt to account for missing passengers and determine what caused the deadly accident.

“You have a lot of questions, we have a lot of questions,” Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board said during a press conference at the crash scene.

Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed near a curve in the tracks at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. As of Wednesday morning, seven passengers had been declared dead and eight remained in critical condition at Temple University Hospital. At least 200 others were treated for injuries.

Sumwalt, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and other officials said the investigation into the cause of the fatal train crash remains ongoing. Nutter added that officials are attempting to account for all passengers who were on the train, and that there is “no active count” of how many people are missing.

On Wednesday afternoon, anNTSB preliminary investigation suggested that the train was traveling faster than 100 mph — more than twice the legal limit on the stretch of track where it derailed.

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