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NFL Ninth Season: DeSean Jackson Durability On Fleek


The Redskins figure to have one of the best passing attacks in the league this year with the addition of rookieJosh Doctson, a more developed Jamison Crowder, a growing star in Jordan Reed, a returning sure-handed vet in Pierre Garcon and the now more durable speedster in DeSean Jackson.

And yes, the latter descriptor is something of a change. DeSean Jackson mentioned last week on “Redskins Nation” that he has his durability on fleek, considering he missed much of training camp and then most of the season with a hamstring injury he suffered in the season opener.

Then consider that Jackson has an extra incentive to stay on the field and make even bigger plays this season. His son, DeSean Jackson Jr., is just seven months old at this point, but he’s already made a major impact in the way Jackson approaches this year.

“Quite frankly, I didn’t think [parenting] would be this cool,” he said at his annual Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Classic on Saturday. “That dude turns me into a different person, different player, motivates me to go out there and just want to do great for him.”

Jackson missed most of the voluntary OTA workouts over the last few weeks, spending more time with his son and the rest of his family, including his mother and grandmother, in California.

[Entering Ninth NFL Season, Jackson Focusing On Durability]

“You hear the reports that I forfeited my workout bonus, and would have loved to be here,” Jackson said. “But my family is something on the other side of the spectrum that pays off big, too.”

It’s hard to blame him. During the season, the schedule is such that it prevents Jackson from taking long trips across the country. As his son grows, he wants to be part of that development as much as he can be, without sacrificing the team’s cohesion.

“It good because he’s active and I remember my mom always getting on me for not being able to sit still so now it’s like I get to relive that all over again with my son,” Jackson said on “Redskins Nation.” “He’s jumping off walls at seven months. He’s standing up on his own, he’s crawling everywhere and try to hold him and sit still but he’s just moving everywhere. It’s a blessing and I’m happy to be a father for the first time.”

As he participates in minicamp this week, he will keep Jr. on his mind, because playing well isn’t just about his own ego anymore. He wants to ensure a legacy.

“I’m very dedicated, I always have been losing my dad at a very young age,” Jackson said. “But now [it’s about] having a son and knowing everything I need to do to make him be able to be close to me or better.

Source: redskins.com

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Redskins DeSean Jackson Claps Back at Philly Fans Booing Him for Chip Kelly’s Decision

Redskins DeSean Jackson Claps Back at Philly Fans
DeSean Jackson #11 of the Washington Redskins claps back at the crowd to be quiet after a touchdown catch by Jordan Reed #86 of the Washington Redskins against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 26, 2015 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)


We just love this image of Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson who claps back at Philly Fans booing him in the old home of Philadelphia on Saturday night. DeSean isn’t sure why there was this reaction.

“It’s disturbing to come back and get the boos from the crowd and the fans because it’s not my decision to leave,” Jackson said. “Chip Kelly released me. Knowing what I did for the city, in the community and things like that, I put my heart into it. That part is frustrating, but it doesn’t get any better than coming in here and winning and putting them out. That guy over there, he was the coach. He made the decision, but I’m happy to be where I’m at, and we’re having a lot of success over here.”

We think that Jackson is absolutely right. He was a very good player in Philadelphia, and it was not his choice to leave. In his only year playing, Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. This year, no Eagles receiver is approaching those numbers. It’s easy to see why Eagles fans are disappointed by that, but hard to see why Jackson should get the blame.

Kelly decided he didn’t want Jackson on the team anymore, so Kelly sent Jackson packing. If Eagles fans don’t like that, they should boo Kelly, not Jackson.

Who do you think should be getting Boo’ed?

Posted: by Michael David Smith