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10 Killer Tips for a Facebook Business Page

One of the exciting things about having a successful blog is the community engagement with the supporters on Facebook. We love being able to share expert information and tips from a variety of contributing editors. This week someone shared notes about a Facebook Business Page training that we’re going to call the 10 Killer Tips For a Facebook Business Page. We could all use help with social media so, we should make the most of it.

Check out Peg Fitzpatrick’s tips on “Easy ways to supercharge your Facebook Business Page

Peg Fitzpatrick Blog Easy Ways to Supercharge your Facebook Page

Photo credit: Peg Fitzpatrick Blog

Here are our notes:

1. Make a nice timeline cover photo using a free graphic site and tell who you are, what you’re about, and include pictures there as well about any promos or upcoming events. Check out this example: https://www.facebook.com/kermitoliverrealty/ Notice the professional backdrop photo and icon.

2. Make sure on your MAIN Facebook Page under the “about” section, you are actually linking your biz Facebook Page under the “work” section.

3. Use the big search bar at the top of FB and search something like “pages liked by fans of….” I typed in “wine & fundraising” and found a bunch of local FB groups to join that I didn’t know about.

4. This one is KEY. Overly promotional posts will get LESS priority in News Feed. The FB algorithm will not make your posts visible if they are purely promotional. Best practices ~ posts that are REAL, PERSONAL, HAVE VALUE, and are SIMPLE. Post personal pix too, and non professional pix – ones you take with your cell phone, not always from social sharables – and even post a quick video ~ people like to buy from real people!!! And the funny quotes and wine memes that we often post here are great too.

5. If you follow fellow CEO’s biz pages, always like and try to comment – what drives a posts reach is engagement via likes, shares, & comments.

These tips were shared with the community from my company, however they will work for any consultant regardless of your social selling biz.

If you don’t have a Business page, click here for instructions on how to set up a Facebook Business Page.

Round up of Facebook for Business Tips:

6. How to set up and get your page noticed (with video!)

7. The ultimate checklist for a kick-ass Facebook Business Page

8. 50 Questions you can use to engage with your Audience

9. Did you know you can add apps to your facebook business page? Check out this helpful post for adding apps and graphics to your page.

10. You don’t have to go it alone. Did you know that you can share the task of daily posts and updates with a colleague or friend. Sharing the workload can be increasingly fun and add massive exposure to your page. Assign someone to an administrative role to help with edits or to moderate by going to settings under page roles. You can assign the amount of control for each share.

We have lots of work ahead of our own and we’re excited to see our Facebook business page engagement grow! Do you have a FB business page for your business? Comment, tweet @thesparklepage or tag us so we can check it out and show our support.