8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Women In Prison

#1 – Illness And Injury

There is a higher rate of injury and illness in female inmates, than men. HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and STDs are very common,

#2 – Menstruation As A Tool

Women are deprived of sanitary products, such as tampons and pads, leaving them to bleed all over themselves and suffer humiliation. Women are given 2 pads for the duration of their period. “Prisons control their wards by keeping sanitation just out of reach. Stains on clothes seep into self-esteem and serve as an indelible reminder of one’s powerlessness in prison.”

#3 – Poverty

Over 80% of women in prison ere poverty stricken, making less than $2000 a year and 90% made less than $10,000 a year.

Cam Newton Proud Father of a Baby Boy

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shocked everyone when he revealed he was the proud father of a baby boy. So what did he and his longtime girlfriend Shakia Proctor name their baby boy?

Chosen Sebastian Newton!

Baby Chosen came into the world weighing 9 pounds, 6 ounces and he was 20 inches long. Not too much smaller than his dad as an infant, who was 10 pounds, 9 ounces when he was born in Atlanta in 1989, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“It’s pretty cool,”  said Cam. “When you see life coming into existence, it’s a wonderful thing. These past couple of days have been so monumental for me.”

Little Chosen entered the world on Christmas Eve, but his pops didn’t announce his arrival until December 30th because he didn’t want the baby news to be a distraction for his team. How sweet.

Congrats again to the couple!











Cosby Lost Bid To Dismiss Sexual-Assualt Case

And so it has been determined that a Montgomery County judge on Wednesday rejected Bill Cosby’s efforts to have his sexual-assault case dismissed, ruling that prosecutors were not legally bound by a former district attorney’s promise that the entertainer would never be charged in an alleged 2004 attack.

The decision by Judge Steven T. O’Neill clears the way for the only criminal charges filed since a wave of accusations emerged against the 78-year-old celebrity. O’Neill ordered Cosby to return for a March 8 preliminary hearing.

Cosby’s attorneys vowed to appeal. “The decision reached by the court was wrong,” they said in a statement.

Montgomery County District Attorney, Kevin Steele, right, and Asst. DA Kristen Feden, left, leave the courtroom during lunch break on Wednesday, Feb. 3, Exiting the 2016 pre-trial hearing for Mr. Bill Cosby alleged sexual assault case held in Norristown, Pa.(Michael Bryant/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP, Pool)
Montgomery County District Attorney, Kevin Steele, right, and Asst. DA Kristen Feden, left, leave the courtroom during lunch break on Wednesday, Feb. 3, Exiting the 2016 pre-trial hearing for Mr. Bill Cosby alleged sexual assault case held in Norristown, Pa.(Michael Bryant/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP, Pool)

Cosby, who sat stoically throughout the hearing, smiled and waved to supporters as he left the Norristown courthouse.

The judge’s ruling, delivered from the bench, capped a marathon two-day proceeding that focused largely on Cosby’s contention that his December arrest violated a 2005 decision by former District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. not to charge him.

At the time, Castor said, he concluded there was insufficient evidence to prove Andrea Constand’s claims that Cosby had drugged and assaulted her at his Cheltenham mansion a year earlier.

Testifying Tuesday, Castor maintained that his 2005 declaration not to prosecute was meant to help Constand. He testified that all the parties knew about the non-prosecution agreement, which he said stripped Cosby of his ability to plead the Fifth Amendment and paved the way for him to be deposed in Constand’s civil suit.

James P. Schmitt, a lawyer who has advised Cosby for decades, testified Wednesday that he believed Castor gave the entertainer’s criminal attorney, Walter M. Phillips, assurances that the agreement was an “irrevocable decision” that would bind the District Attorney’s Office for years to come.

“A promise of a prosecutor – even an oral promise – is one that is absolute, 100 percent enforceable,” Christopher Tayback, a member of the current defense team, told the judge Wednesday.

Kevin Steele, the current district attorney, who last summer helped revive the case, said any such deal, or the notion it would apply to future prosecutors, amounted to special treatment. “A secret agreement that permits a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn’t right,” he argued.

Steele also challenged Castor’s testimony, calling it “revisionist history.” He noted that his predecessor’s account changed more than once and questioned why the purported agreement was never put in writing.

The judge acknowledged the dispute amounted to uncharted legal waters. “This is a very unique situation,” he said.

Bill-Cosby-Kevin-SteeleAfter leaving the charges intact, the judge also denied a motion by Cosby’s lawyers to disqualify Steele and his office from prosecuting the case. The defense contended Steele violated attorney ethics rules last fall by using an implied promise to charge Cosby to win office in an election over Castor.

But even as he rejected their arguments, O’Neill offered a glimpse of another strategy Cosby’s lawyers may consider in an attempt to blunt the charges. If the case gets to trial, he said, they could reintroduce the non-prosecution argument in a move to suppress Cosby’s 2006 deposition, which Steele’s office used to build the current case after portions of it were released last summer.

In it, Cosby acknowledged a sexual encounter with Constand, which he maintained was consensual. He also testified that he had previously acquired Quaaludes with the intent of using them in consensual sexual encounters with women.

Throughout the hearing, O’Neill repeatedly reminded both sides that they were not in court yet to try Constand’s underlying sexual-assault allegations.

During hours on the witness stand Tuesday, Castor rattled off a list of reasons why he thought her credibility would not hold up in court. Chief among them, he said, were inconsistencies in Constand’s statements and her decision to contact a lawyer before she reported her alleged assault to police.

Now 42 and living in Toronto, Constand sued Castor last fall, contending he has repeatedly undermined her credibility for his own political gain.

She did not attend the hearing, but her attorney Dolores Troiani took the stand for prosecutors, and didn’t mince words.

“We had a district attorney in 2005 slamming a victim,” she said, describing Castor’s public statements during the investigation that the case was weak.

She also explained that Constand sought civil counsel because she had heard news reports about women who had legal run-ins with Cosby.

Troiani cited a 1997 incident in which the comedian, with FBI help, secretly recorded a woman who claimed she was his illegitimate daughter in an attempt to extort $40 million. The woman was later sentenced to prison.

After Constand confronted Cosby with her allegations in January 2005, the comedian’s representatives called her and her mother and offered money, an educational trust, and a trip to Florida, Troiani told the court.

The Constands “never asked for any money – Mr. Cosby was the one who interjected money into the conversation,” the lawyer testified. “We thought Cosby – because he had done it before – was setting Andrea up.”

She told the court that during settlement negotiations on Constand’s civil lawsuit the next year, Cosby’s lawyers wanted Constand to promise never to cooperate with a criminal investigation of him. “I was adamant that would not occur,” Troiani said.

Ultimately, Constand agreed only not to initiate any further investigation of her claims. But under the terms of her confidentiality agreement with Cosby, she was free to cooperate if law enforcement contacted her first.

Other details of their settlement agreement, including the amount Cosby paid Constand, have remained confidential.

In July, Troiani said, Steele came to her office and said he would like to reopen the case. Troiani asked for time to talk it over with Constand.

“My client was deeply hurt by the manner in which she was treated” during the first investigation, Troiani said. “And yes, I am passionate and still furious about it.”

Make It or Break It…21 Days and No Fix for the New Year

Thankfully, we’re all healthy enough to be alive, breathing and reading a blog. But, honestly, it’s still been 21 days and no fix for the new year. How many times have you told yourself that you would no longer be a slave to any circumstance or behavior for the new year?

Exactly how many times did you pre-condition your mind for a challenge, no matter how daunting the fete? Did you also tell yourself that this time you will make it or break it, only to turn around and further convince yourself it’s okay to fail? All else has failed and you are sticking to the old you. Whomever doesn’t like it, phooey on them?

The fact is; it happens! Don’t perpetuate falsehoods stating that it doesn’t. That trick won’t work. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. Smile. Really, old habits are just hard to break.. PERIOD. When situations are tough, the human response is to revert to doing what we already know and feels comfortable and safe.

We have been told for years that a habit is formed by practicing something consecutively over a 21 day span. Many may have even heard of the popular fitness regime “21 Day Fix”. Is it even possible to break a habit in 21 days?

The fact is this, any classic behavioral pattern can be developed if repeated over a course of time. Have you ever stopped to think about how this could possibly work for everyone? Another interesting fact is how 2 people can have the very same objective and different outcomes within the same amount of time. Well, this is because we are all very different and thus, our brains adaptive levels vary.

The overall notion surrounding the process of how to break a bad habit in 21 Days is first recognized from a self-help book published in 1970 entitled “Psycho Cybernetics”. This book is a collection of supporting information based on personal experiences, but were not exactly clinical. The theory caught on and became popular opinion and later backed by forums such as “Reader’s Digest” in the early 80’s.

No matter the struggle, just in case you haven’t been fixed by the 21st day of your new attempt at breaking old habits; it may help all of us to keep in mind that it is a lot easier to make a habit then it is to break a habit. The simple explanation to that is, even though our pattern(s) can weaken without use, the will never go away. They can be reactivated with the slightest of provocation. The best way to counter this is with a new pattern. Form a new response to old urges. Remember, we’re all in this together. Here’s to next 21 Days and the better you!

If you were able to find the value in this article, kindly leave a comment or share it with someone else who is able to benefit from words of encouragement. Thank you.

~ Forever turning sparkle moments into movements!

You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Laugh on Social Media

Laughter is a universal language and one of our first communication methods. Before we had spoken or written language, humans used laughter to express our enjoyment or accession with a certain situation. It has also been stated that laughter is the best medicine. It’s also a form of communication that bridges the gap between various languages, cultures, ages and demographics. So you shouldn’t be afraid to laugh on social media. Really, it’s no wonder that funny memes and witty hashtags are such a hit on social media. In fact, according to one study, “humor was employedat near unanimous levels for all viral advertisements. Consequently, this study identified humor as the universal appeal for making content viral.”

So, humorous content gets shared more on social media channels. That’s an obvious benefit for your brand. But what other benefits can you gain by making your audience laugh? Following are four other advantages to using humorous content.

1. It creates unity.

Laughter is social. We laugh 30 times more when we’re with other people than when we’re alone, according to Robert R. Provine, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Laughter eases tension and forms a sense of unity through groups. Get your Facebook fans or Twitter followers laughing, and you’ll be helping to establish a sense of community and building connections with your brand and amongst your fans and followers.

2. It triggers emotional responses.

Humor creates positive feelings. Laughing releases endorphins, relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, helps to relieve stress and overall just makes us feel good. These physiological and chemical responses are unconscious, and create a pleasant emotional response. By using humor in your content on social media, you help to associate pleasant feelings with your brand.

3. It makes your brand memorable.

Positive feelings create memories. Research has shown that just 42% of positive experiences were forgotten, while 60% of negative experiences faded from memory. No one remembers a dull Facebook post or boring YouTube video, but we all remember Kmart’s “I Shipped My Pants” commercials, even if we’d forgotten that Kmart was around. Making your audience feel good through humorous content will help them to remember your brand in the short- and long-term.

4. It provides audience insights.

Peter McGraw, director of the Humor Research Lab and author of the Humor Code, states that “funny” is the intersection of benign and violation. If something is benign — a everyday observation — it’s not going to be funny. If something is a violation — a gross or offensive view of the world — it’s also not going to be funny. But that sweet spot between everyday and offensive, that’s where funny happens.

Learning where that sweet spot is for your audience can tell you a lot about their mindset, values and desires. To find this perfect junction, you may have to test things you think are too benign or too offensive, which does create some risks. But the insights you gain into your audience’s mentality can be well worth the uncertainty.

Being funny helps to create stronger emotional ties with your audience, creates better brand recall and builds a closer knit community. Humor may not come naturally for your brand, and may not always be the right approach. Luckily, social media allows you to test and iterate quickly to find the best humorous tone for your brand and audience.

Hopefully, this article has served you well and you now know that you shouldn’t be afraid to laugh on social media. It’s all good!

This article originally published at ClickZ

How You Can Find Successful Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Some of the small businesses we work with are mainly local plumbers, electricians, doctors, and HVAC technicians. The goal of any agency is to make our clients happy, which often entails getting high keyword rankings for service-related keywords like these:

  • Plumber [insert City Name Here]
  • Bathroom Plumbing [insert City Name Here]
  • Electrical Service [insert City Name Here]
  • Air Conditioning Repair [insert City Name Here]

When organizing SEO, we have learned it is not all about keyword rankings; it is about the traffic generated from keyword targeting and the resulting high rankings in the SERPs.

If you find yourself in need of a way to generate content ideas, it’s likely that one of two scenarios has come to fruition:

  • You are not ranking for your client’s desired keywords, and need traffic now so you can report some good news.
  • You have achieved your client’s keyword ranking goals, but your traffic has started to stagnate, and you need to increase it.

Regardless of which scenario applies to you, following this four-step process should help:

Step #1: Carefully examine your industry for relevant broad terms

Take a broad view of your industry.

uaGbx6u.png gives you a list of related and suggested searches for terms. This will give you a very long and thorough list of very broad “unfinished” topics you can pick and choose to consider writing about.

Step #2: Put each word in

We like this technique because it’s the first step of creating objective content, meaning these are topics you can be assured real people have searched for. So, whatever content you choose to create, you understand the purpose is to create something that is going to help your customers.


In this example, we pull a broad term from my table under electricians. The term we use is “light switch.”

Naturally, because this is a broad term, you are going to get a huge list of suggested searches. Go through this list and pick out the terms you think will get searches or that seem like a FAQ type of query.

Near the middle, we pull the suggested search term by focusing on “light switch feels warm” or “light switch feels hot.” This one looks like a winner, and we are confident that it is something everyday people search for if they suspect a problem with their electrical wiring.

You can take this a step further by taking the longer suggested term you just discovered and putting it into


The second group of results gives me more detailed suggestions.

So, if we were to create a blog post that focuses on the topic “light switch feels warm,” we would want to include these longer keyword terms in our post:

  • Light switch feels hot
  • My light switch feels warm to touch
  • Light switch plates feels warm

Step #3: Examine the competition

At this point, you have an interesting idea to write about, or multiple ideas if you enjoy thinking ahead. Now we are going to run our searches through Google to examine the competition of the long-tail keyword content idea we are considering.

When you are read these articles returned by the search, here are some considerations you should pay attention to:

Step #4: Solve the problem people have with a better blog

Call on your content person (or team) to write an even better article composed of all the elements you think make the other post(s) successful.

We have found instant success using this method to rewrite service pages as well. Every successful, high-ranking post has something other articles fail to mention. Make this the starting point for your new post.

Attempt to best the competition’s posts in every way, paying special attention to include these elements in your content:

  • Better copy
  • More informative graphics
  • Data that supports main points


As a result of following the four-step process described in this post, I have experienced a good amount of success, and my site’s organic traffic shows it.


The traffic shown here was for a blog post that I created using the same process.

Warning: Don’t neglect on-page optimization

As many of you know, Google’s search results don’t always display your page titles like you have written them. Sometimes, if your long-tail keyword phrase is mentioned in the content piece, Google will show that phrase instead of the designated page title. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you optimize the following on-page elements:

  • URL structure
  • Page titles
  • Content
  • H1s and H2s

The two images below are from the same content piece, but show up differently in two separate queries.

vsAvoDQ.png?1This search result displays the page title designated


This one shows the the H2 designated for the piece


We’ve walked you through the rough outline of the process used to create content. We hope this strategy will be of great help to you, too, especially if your goal is to regularly create content on a limited budget.

Credit: Wells Yu

18 of the Best Beauty Instagram of the Week

Where Are All the Pretty Birds…. They’re Hiding on Instagram!

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18 of the Best Beauty Instagram of the Week: Ciara, Draya, Lupita & more…

Where are all the Pretty Birds?

Well, apparently they’ve all been hanging out on Instagram and not #Twitter this week.
Instagram gives major inspirations for it’s viewers as the holidays get underway. The perfect time
to SPARKLE up your look just in time for the New Year!

Ciara, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence, Chanel Iman, and Khloe Kardashian are giving us the good old nude makeup looks while Bella Thorne, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift andSelena Gomez donned the ever classic red lip look with Charlotte Olympia matching the lips to the nails.

Poppy Delevingne
also has that perfect red on her fingernails that we are so envious of.

The mood for today says, Bleu (blue) and Lupita Nyongo, model for VMag, goes all out with her lip display giving shades of bleu.  She looks amazing! Rihanna takes a notch higher with black lipstick.

Lupita Nyongo also wears a bleu dramatic eye makeup look for Madame Figaro magazine as well as Tavi Gevinson but with a darker hue and prominent bottom lashes.

Just in time for the release of the new Star Wars, Karrueche Tran braids her hair up as in a modern Princess Leia fashion. Still speaking of braids, has quite the hair-do for her shoot with a crown plait and smaller plaits on the side with a major puff in the mid-section.

So, which of these looks will you be trying out this week?

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Atlanta Airport Makes History and Welcomes Passenger No. 100 Million

Atlanta Airport Makes History and Welcomes Passenger No. 100 Million

Being that we are based in the Atlanta area, we like to keep up with the latest from our city. Thanks to our sources over at Biz Journal, we were able to catch up on the latest update surrounding the world’s busiest airport — Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Atlanta.

Passenger No. 100 million passed through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Sunday, pushing the airport to a new record for the number of passengers served in one year. The airport almost hit the 100 million milestone last year, serving 96 million passengers. Hartsfield Jackson broke the record Sunday when Larry Kendrick of Biloxi, Miss., stepped off his flight.

Kendrick was awarded a Nissan vehicle, two round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world from Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) and a $500 gift card.  See, it does pay to travel!

Atlanta’s airport is the first to serve 100 million passengers in a year.

Click here to view a video posted by Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA-TV.

Source: Byron E. Small


Redskins DeSean Jackson Claps Back at Philly Fans Booing Him for Chip Kelly’s Decision

Redskins DeSean Jackson Claps Back at Philly Fans
DeSean Jackson #11 of the Washington Redskins claps back at the crowd to be quiet after a touchdown catch by Jordan Reed #86 of the Washington Redskins against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 26, 2015 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)


We just love this image of Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson who claps back at Philly Fans booing him in the old home of Philadelphia on Saturday night. DeSean isn’t sure why there was this reaction.

“It’s disturbing to come back and get the boos from the crowd and the fans because it’s not my decision to leave,” Jackson said. “Chip Kelly released me. Knowing what I did for the city, in the community and things like that, I put my heart into it. That part is frustrating, but it doesn’t get any better than coming in here and winning and putting them out. That guy over there, he was the coach. He made the decision, but I’m happy to be where I’m at, and we’re having a lot of success over here.”

We think that Jackson is absolutely right. He was a very good player in Philadelphia, and it was not his choice to leave. In his only year playing, Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. This year, no Eagles receiver is approaching those numbers. It’s easy to see why Eagles fans are disappointed by that, but hard to see why Jackson should get the blame.

Kelly decided he didn’t want Jackson on the team anymore, so Kelly sent Jackson packing. If Eagles fans don’t like that, they should boo Kelly, not Jackson.

Who do you think should be getting Boo’ed?

Posted: by Michael David Smith

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